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Early in my Christian studies and ministry, I found the need to write “sections” as a means of defense on topics that in my opinion were being either misrepresented or ignored by many. It was more efficient to hand someone my views on a subject, requesting them to read them, before the discussion developed. I would Explain to them that they could help me out by taking a red pen and marking the paper up whenever they found apparent errors. Then we could get back together and talk about it. I found this method as a far more productive usage of time. In most discussions even with the best intentions it’s not long before both parties are spending far too much time in left field. Of course any time you make all your view known on a subject for someone to examine before you know their views, it gives them the advantage.

My attitude has always been that truth is more powerful than error; and if wrong, I certainly would want to be corrected. So what is there to fear?
My sections are ongoing projects in which I do not claim to be right on everything. I’m just saying that if I’m wrong, help me out in my understanding. Whether you agree or not, there is much one can learn from being exposed to these sections. Provoking Biblical thinking can’t be all wrong. Also note in speaking on a subject within Christianity, it is not necessary to balance every negative observation with a positive. For example, if a cardiologist is explaining the problems with a heart, it’s not necessary to explain how good the lungs are. So therefore, when dealing with a subject, I speak only to my concerns on what I consider to be errors or what is needed to be fine tuned.

Much of the credit to my sections goes to the many Bible studies and discussion participants over the years and those that have stimulated me through their errors and distortions of the Word of God. Many fine Biblical research books that are available today, have been invaluable to me. I also thank God for inspiring me to place more value on His Word than anything else I know of in life.

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