I appreciate your faithful support. The out-of-pocket dollar costs for making signs, banners and t-shirts for open-air preachers is expensive for me. I desire the world to see the best bold image and content of our faith, which is why I make these tools for the preachers. Travel, whether by air or by just driving across country, is also a burden that often makes or breaks an outreach. My goal is to inspire people to the open-air ministries and activism for Jesus in their communities, on their jobs, and in their churches in countries around the world. It all costs money. My track record over the last forty years plus is fairly good in as much as everywhere I have gone, I have inspired and encouraged a number of people to become activists for Jesus. It'’s easy to see the effects of my ministry in one way or another by just traveling to events or cities around the United States or any number of countries around the world. We are frequently encountering new faces on Youtube where our methods are being utilized.  Consequently, you will encounter many open-air preachers that have been inspired by my example. 


It is not my intention to take any of the monies that would normally go to the local churches, but rather gain the support of the local churches and individuals in this vision. My ministry philosophy differs from that of the local church. Rather than directing my emphasis to a local community of believers with similar backgrounds and doctrines, I appeal to the whole body of Christ and the world with a simplistic emphasis primarily centering on the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, sin, righteousness, and judgment with trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ as the solution to the pollution. I believe it only takes a spark to get a fire going and that is what I attempt to do. I trust in the Holy Spirit to direct believers and nonbelievers in whatever journey of faith that He desires for them. I have no knowledge of these journeys in most cases. I was inspired by the examples of men and women of God used in the Bible that were bold and active for the faith. If you would like to play a part in this wonderful ministry, we would invite you to be an important part of the harvest and thank you for your financial contribution.


James Webber

(Bible Jim)